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PPL’s online Web Portal enables participants to manage their budgets, purchase goods and services, and view real-time budget reports 24/7. The Web Portal includes electronic timesheet and invoice technology and is fully integrated with PPL’s financial management system.

How does the PPL Web Portal increase the efficiency and accuracy of the payroll and vendor payments process for participant-directed programs?

Support Network

The Web Portal increases the effectiveness of your support network. Case managers, support brokers, participants, and representatives have an integrated view of the participant’s budget, expenditures, and ability to view details of payments.



The Web Portal allows participants to enter their information and then print pre-populated enrollment forms to eliminate the burden of filling out paperwork.


Individual Budgets

The Web Portal gives state staff members and participants real-time access to view correct service authorizations and budget balances 24/7.


Individual Budgets











E-Timesheets & Invoices

Web Portal-generated timesheets and invoices are thoroughly validated in real time to check for common errors that would prevent them from being paid. For example, PPL’s e-timesheets can prevent the entry of services which are not authorized.



The Web Portal eliminates pended payments by providing real-time feedback at the time of timesheet submission.



The Web Portal allows users to generate real-time customized reports or view standard reports online 24/7. This feature can be useful, for example, for case managers who can generate reports during home visits. 

Benefits of the PPL Web Portal for Public Agencies

  • No need to rely on legacy systems for budget development.
  • Decreased opportunity for fraud in timesheet entries and invoices.
  • Significant reduction in late checks and payments.
  • Reduced paperwork and timely payments that benefit participants, their providers, and vendors.


E-Timesheet Technology

PPL offers inter-active electronic timesheets (e-timesheets) and invoices through our Web Portal as an alternative to conventional paper timesheets and invoices. Because of the Web Portal’s integration with our financial management system, e-timesheets are thoroughly validated to check for common timesheet errors and other reasons that would prevent a timesheet from being paid. Participants and vendors are able to correct mistakes online, ensuring timely payments and eliminating the need for pended payments.





In real-time, the Web Portal will inform a user of a problem with a timesheet or invoice, so it can be corrected immediately to ensure the document is accepted.

Time Validation: The system only allows the user to enter valid time. For example, a provider could not enter 8:00 am as a start time and 7:00 am as an end time because the end time cannot precede the start time. The timesheet tool would prompt the provider to enter a correct end time.


Budget Validation: Time entered on the timesheet is tested against the participant’s budget and the previous spending information housed in our financial management system. If submitted time exceeds the budgeted amount, the system will tell the provider that the hours he or she is attempting to bill exceed the authorized amount. The provider has the option to correct the timesheet or call PPL Customer Service if he or she has a question.


Cross Validation: The Web Portal checks the timesheet against existing timesheets in accordance with program rules. For instance, many programs prevent one provider from working for two participants at the same time, or two providers from working for one participant at the same time. With the submission of each timesheet, the system verifies that it does not violate any program rules. These rules are customizable based on the program’s requirements and can be individualized by participant.

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